1.    Why add a Nobel Climate Change Prize ?

  • In his will, Alfred Nobel specified that the prizes were given for work that was « for the greatest benefit to humankind ». There is no greater benefit to mankind that to mitigate and adapt to humanity’s most imminent threat : climate change.

  • We need to put all the spotlight we can on this issue and reward those whose exemplary actions or discoveries are leading the way and can inspire all of us.

  • See here for the executive summary of the UN special report.


2.    Why are we (the people) legitimate to ask for such prize ?

  • Everyone is a climate change expert : we are all starting to experience climate change with increases of drought, rains, wildfires and extreme weather.

  • We are all citizens of the Earth : Climate change is a global issue that should unite all of us. Having the prize created through a global petition is a concrete step towards building a global conscience around the fight against climate change.


3.    Could the Board of the Nobel foundation act on it?

  • Alfred Nobel only highlighted 5 Nobel Prizes in his will (physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace). However, in 1968 the Board of the Nobel Foundation accepted to administer what is commonly known as the 6th Nobel Prize in economic sciences. The Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was established by the Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank) . The Prize is based on a donation received by the Nobel Foundation in 1968 from Sveriges Riksbank on the occasion of the Bank’s 300th anniversary. 

  • The Board of the Nobel Foundation decided that after this addition, it would allow no further new prizes. The Board of the Nobel Foundation has thus the ability to reverse its decision made 50 years ago.

  • Should a donation be requested by the Nobel Foundation to finance the Climate Prize, a fund for the Climate Prize will be created with the mission to raise the annual $1M of the award.

4. Why do we need 1M+ votes worldwide ?

  • After the addition in 1968 of the Nobel Prize in Economics, the Board of the Nobel Prize decided that no new Nobel Prize would be added. This is a decision that the board can reverse at anytime, but we need to show the Nobel Prize Board the amazing support a new Climate Prize for the Fight Against Climate Change has.

  • The petition should also be internationally supported for this is only if we rise together that we will be able to tackle climate change.


5.    Why A Prize Focusing on mitigation of emissions, removal of emissions and Adaptation?

  • The fight against Climate Change is three-pronged. First, we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions down to 0 metric tons (Mitigation). Second, to reach the 1,5C target, we actually need to soak some of the historic emissions out of the atmosphere and the oceans (Removal). Third, we need to adapt to the changes that are already occurring like rising sea levels and temperature variations (Adaptation).

  • Those three battlefronts require different types of actions and research, and should be given the spotlight equally.


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